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You have an innovative idea that will streamline the work, double the margin, improve quality and eliminate the headaches. You got sponsorship, budget approval, and a project team. Today you are taking the plan out to your organization in a series of meetings. WAIT. What’s that noise? What are you hearing from colleagues? From those […]


The Harvard Business Review magazine was on my desk, still in plastic: YOU CAN’T FIX CULTURE JUST FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW I’ve been noting the disingenuous headlines that HBR plasters on its covers and its articles for years. That contrarian titling, or bait-and-switch, is the stuff of blogs, publications and […]

Don’t veer off course when you pick your next leader

In this article, find out how three easy-to-detect characteristics can serve as a simple screen when selecting leaders. Determine if your leadership candidate is eligible for more in-depth interviews by initially assessing whether they have a track record of demonstrating respect, providing clarity, and holding themselves and others accountable. Elaborate interview guides and competency scoring […]

LEADERSHIP: No Place For Scaredy-Cats

Many of us turn into scaredy-cats and refuse to confront an employee or a colleague who is abrasive or even abusive. We delude ourselves with stories about the situation to justify why we don’t address the bad behavior “She’s the very BEST technically—but she sure doesn’t tolerate fools!” or “You can either be everyone’s friend […]