Physicians have the technical expertise
and the comprehensive tacit knowledge
required to create an excellent
healthcare future.

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This guide is based on the neuroscience of leadership.

It’s a "how-to" on keeping brains out of the threat state so people can function at their very best.

The content in this guide is among the first things we present in our leadership seminars.

Use it! You just might transform your workplace.

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Licensed to lead podcast

Join host Patty Fahy, MD as she shares the evidence for why physicians must lead healthcare and lead us out of the current healthcare system morass.  This podcast is for you if you want expert physician leaders at the helm of U.S. healthcare systems and if you want practical advice and critical conversations about honing the leadership skills of physicians.

The Licensed to Lead Podcast offers new angles on the neuroscience of leadership, challenges a “burnout industry” that is profiting from physician burnout, and offers a no-holds-barred investigation into the business school mindset that puts profits over patients. Patty and her guests provide provocative and clear recommendations for changing the business of medicine so that it fulfills the professional obligations of medicine.

The physician identity is deeply rooted in doing the right thing for patients. It is time for the financial preoccupation that arises from a business school mindset to be subordinated to the professional obligations we have to patients. This will happen when healthcare is led by physicians who are highly respected for their clinical expertise as well as their leadership skills.

Patty has twenty years of experience working with leaders in healthcare - as a member of an executive team, founder of a successful coaching and consulting firm, and as a committed physician advocate.



Patty Fahy, MD, host of the Licensed to Lead Podcast, is an experienced speaker who will introduce original ideas on the subject of physician leadership, healthcare culture, and the neuroscience of leadership.

Buckle up for some novel ideas that get audiences thinking, laughing and participating.


The aim is singular: a superb organizational culture that gets results for patients and for the business. The methods?

  • Customized physician leadership development programs
  • Customized leadership team consulting to improve communication among leaders and create effective, aligned, cascading communication

Evidence abounds! The ROI is clear. Leaders and organizations benefit when certified and skilled coaches work with executives, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Improve results and relationships to refresh skills or take on a new role.



BFO from a recent LICENSED TO LEAD Newsletter:

Do you want to change your work culture? Is there dreadful toxicity with the best of the best jumping ship and the bad guys winning? I have a mantra that captures three areas to invest your efforts:

Who we choose, who we choose to lead, and who we choose to leave.

Who we choose: Physician leaders must own the selection process. Otherwise you might end up in an “arranged marriage” that was arranged by people who have different interests than you (e.g., incentives to fill positions quickly). If your colleagues are vetted and hired by non-physicians then I echo Jordan Peele: GET OUT!

Who we choose to lead: This is the most important of the three—leaders, especially the CEO, create the culture. Do your decision makers understand “table stakes” leadership criteria such as providing clarity, treating people respectfully, and holding people accountable? Or have they been sold a “Talent Selection” framework with 400 competencies and bad math to calculate interview outcomes to the 100th decimal point?

Who we choose to leave: Who belongs here? Being clear about values and expectations from the get-go and holding people accountable is a catalytic mechanism. It not only signals, but more importantly, it helps create the new culture.

If you want more of that kind of stuff:

Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the wonderful physician advocate and coach Sandy Scott who hosts the High Impact Physician podcast. When she turns the microphone on me I provide almost every nugget I have about physician leadership and organizational culture (and even a few “life hacks”). Listen here: High Impact Physician

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