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Patty Fahy, MD

Principal & Executive Coach


High turnover, unhappy staff, interpersonal conflict–these cultural issues have solutions.

Changing an organization’s culture, reputation, and results affects people’s lives. It even affects their health. When I help a leader think differently or consider new options, change begins. Revering high performers, selecting for attitude, investing in leaders and leadership development, tackling difficult performance management issues—all these factors play an important role in transforming a culture. When leaders invest in organizational culture they are rewarded: others choose to bring their best work to work! That means uncommonly good business results.

​My roles as a clinician, a member of an executive team, and a leadership consultant have been focused on supporting people to make important and often difficult changes. And what is all this really about? The basic fact that we must create a healthy organizational culture in order to produce excellent care and caring for patients.

Lynn Elliott, CPC

Managing Director & Leadership Coach

Lynn_Portrait full

I have high energy and a core value for connection. In front of the room (literally and virtually), I create an engaging learning environment and build group momentum. When leaders have the right conditions to test new theories, to challenge and be challenged, and practice their skills – it leads to remarkable conversations.

My career history includes twenty years in a large healthcare organization. I supported hundreds of physicians and managers in regional and national leadership programs – and loved it. But when the company went through a reorganization, I no longer felt aligned with the ailing culture. I got healthier, completed a sprint triathlon, and left the company. After completing my training from a school accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I defined my “WHY”.

Today, I support people to figure out “what’s next?” for them.

I coach people when it’s time to do a reality check and navigate transitions. If you’re a leader on the fast track, coaching helps reveal assumptions that no longer serve you. For some, it’s necessary to pause. Time with a trusted coach can leverage your years of experience, while facing the brutal realities of tangled politics, overwhelm, or waning sponsorship. I partner with clients who turn insight into positive action and opportunity.

Successful coaching will tap into your genius!

Licensed to Lead Podcast


Join host Patty Fahy, MD as she shares the evidence for why physicians must lead healthcare and lead us out of the current healthcare system morass.  This podcast is for you if you want expert physician leaders at the helm of U.S. healthcare systems and if you want practical advice and critical conversations about honing the leadership skills of physicians.

The Licensed to Lead Podcast offers new angles on the neuroscience of leadership, challenges a “burnout industry” that is profiting from physician burnout, and offers a no-holds-barred investigation into the business school mindset that puts profits over patients. Patty and her guests provide provocative and clear recommendations for changing the business of medicine so that it fulfills the professional obligations of medicine.

The physician identity is deeply rooted in doing the right thing for patients. It is time for the financial preoccupation that arises from a business school mindset to be subordinated to the professional obligations we have to patients. This will happen when healthcare is led by physicians who are highly respected for their clinical expertise as well as their leadership skills.