We work with leaders

Patty Fahy, MD
Principal & Executive Coach

High turnover, unhappy staff, interpersonal conflict–these cultural issues have solutions.

Changing an organization’s culture, reputation, and results affects people’s lives. It even affects their health. When I help a leader think differently or consider new options, change begins. Revering high performers, selecting for attitude, investing in leaders and leadership development, tackling difficult performance management issues—all these factors play an important role in transforming a culture. When leaders invest in organizational culture they are rewarded: others choose to bring their best work to work! That means uncommonly good business results.

​My roles as a clinician, a member of an executive team, and a leadership consultant have been focused on supporting people to make important and often difficult changes. And what is all this really about?  The basic fact that we must create a healthy organizational culture in order to produce excellent care and caring for patients.