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Episode 007 – Why We’re Not Fixing Physician Burnout

In this episode I’m offering my take on why we haven’t budged the needle on physician burnout. We have clear evidence of the causes of burnout—but we don’t have effective action. Why are we so stuck? My observations fall into 4 areas: 1. Weak, bureaucratic language that fails to put a spotlight on the problem […]

Episode 006 – Physician Burnout: The IMPACT

This episode moves beyond the definition and underlying causes of burnout to focus on the impact on physicians, medical students, patients, and healthcare systems. Patty Fahy interviews a neurologist who retired in his 40’s and then five years later dusted off his medical license and launched a national company. She also interviews a medical student […]

Beyond Medicine Podcast-Dr. Rami Wehbi interviews Dr. Patty Fahy

In this interview Patty Fahy, MD talks with the host of Beyond Medicine, Rami Wehbi, DO. The two explore the fact that many managers who lead healthcare institutions have what Patty calls a “business school mindset.” Listen to the “Beyond Medicine Podcast” interview HERE The systematic failures of those with “business school mindsets” are thoroughly […]

Episode 004 – Physician Burnout: Definition, Controversies and Etiology

Physician Burnout:  Definition, Controversies and Etiology    The last episode waded into the murky waters of graduate business education. Anyone listening to that podcast should have emerged with serious doubts about whether an MBA is a desirable credential for healthcare, much less for healthcare leadership.  This Licensed to Lead Podcast is the first of four episodes zeroing in on physician burnout. What is […]

Episode 003 – Who Are The Masters of Healthcare?

The first two episodes of the LTL podcast spelled out why physicians are, well, LICENSED TO LEAD. What are the underlying issues, myths and evidence about physician leaders in healthcare? In this episode, it’s time to zero in on who is at the helm: if not physicians, who? This is a close look at graduate business degrees,  MBA and MHA […]

Episode 002 – Physician Leadership: the Myths and the Evidence

In this episode, Patty Fahy, MD, the host of Licensed to Lead describes the myths and evidence about physician leadership and why physicians are uniquely equipped to pick up the reins and lead our medical groups, hospitals, and healthcare systems.  Subscribe  OVERVIEW  PHYSICIAN CHARACTERISTICS= LEADERSHIP CHARACTERISTICS   MYTHS:  Physicians are arrogant, un–herdable cats and lone wolves who don’t understand teamwork, business, or finances   EVIDENCE:  […]



You have an innovative idea that will streamline the work, double the margin, improve quality and eliminate the headaches. You got sponsorship, budget approval, and a project team. Today you are taking the plan out to your organization in a series of meetings. WAIT. What’s that noise? What are you hearing from colleagues? From those […]