Episode 19 – Mother-Daughter Discussion on Physician Leadership

In the first of two special Mother’s Day podcasts, I’m in the guest chair along with my daughter, Jamie Katuna. Podcaster Keith Carlson, RN, (aka “Nurse Keith”) starts this interview by asking how we influenced and inspired each other as mom and daughter, in medicine and in leadership roles. I talk about my admiration for Jamie’s intellectual curiosity and her willingness to take risks. Nurse Keith corroborates this by describing how he discovered Jamie on her aptly-named “Speak Out Medicine” Instagram account. As a medical student, she used her social media platforms to both speak out and to be vulnerable about the challenges in medical school.

Nurse Keith mentions problems brought into sharp relief during the pandemic, when the business school mindset (BSM) of many leaders was exposed by their disregard for the actual humans within the organization. We discuss the dramatically underestimated costs of turnover in toxic cultures and the lack of attention to this critical measure. Nurse Keith, Jamie and I linger for a while on the concept of a “cone of protection” that excellent leaders provide by taking the heat from leaders above them, while sheltering their direct reports. We also talk about where excellent organizational cultures originate (spoiler alert: The Top) and how the neuroscience concept of “CARB” (clarity, autonomy, respect, and belonging) can be used to help reduce threat in the workplace and improve everyone’s performance.

This episode is excerpted from a podcast that originally aired November 6, 2020 on the Nurse Keith Show.


Meet Dr. Jamie Katuna:

Dr. Jamie Katuna begins her Emergency Medicine residency program in July 2021 at Spectrum Health/Michigan State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was a collegiate basketball player which fueled her interest in health and fitness. She earned her MPH degree during medical school with research centered around type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and nutritional strategies for preventing these conditions. This led to her interest in health coaching, which she does in her spare time. She is an advocate for physician leadership, authenticity in medicine, and strong organizational cultures to influence the direction of medicine. Her work has been published on Doximity, KevinMD, and Springer Nature.


Dr. Jamie Katuna Website: JamieKatuna.com
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