Episode 21 – If You’re Not Happy – You’re Not Helping

In this first Licensed to Lead “Espresso Shot” podcast—designed to be short but potent— the topic is the unhealthy underbelly of “helping” professions. Cory Katuna and Patty spin-off from their Episode #20 conversation when they talked about Levels of Energy or “mindsets.” They dive into a discussion of the connection between Level Four energy (a mindset of compassion and generosity) and the implications if our “helping” is tainted by obligation and resentment. When Cory says “If you’re not happy, you’re not helping” she means that our interpersonal interactions have many more implications than what is apparent. We talk about the immediate and the long-term effects if physicians and physician leaders are unhappy in their work.

We also talk about conversations that are meaningful and energizing. If you’ve ever been coached, you’ll recognize what Cory means when she describes being in a “coaching container”. This intentional type of conversation involves self-reflection and results in both a more accurate view of oneself and higher levels of energy for both parties.


In this episode:

• Social, psychological and emotional repercussions when “helping”
• The Hippocratic oath and happiness!
• Martyrdom is a hallmark of Level Four “helping” energy gone awry
• The intentionality of coaching creates transformative conversations

Meet Cory Katuna:

Cory Katuna is hell-bent to crack the code of living a “deathbed” life. This means radical honesty, hard conversations, sacrificing what looks good for what’s true, and getting out of the stands and into the arena. 

She is a professional coach, leader of workshops, world traveler, and most importantly—a teammate.

Cory works with Bentinho Massaro and team to host retreats, record podcasts (Mirror Talks), manage online programs (No Limits Society), and everything else that might need doing in what she describes as a spiritual startup. The organization challenges people to trade in their unfulfilling lifestyles and mindsets for a life lived in devotion to generosity and self-knowledge. 

Cory graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with degrees in Spanish and Business and a minor in Graphic Design. Follow her on Instagram @corykatuna.


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