Dr. Patty Fahy and Lynn Elliott are experienced speakers who get the audience participating, thinking, and laughing.
They speak nationally on a variety of topics including:

  • Physician Leadership

    Doctors must lead.  Physicians have the technical expertise and the tacit knowledge that is most needed as a foundation for professional leadership in healthcare.

  • Culture Matters

    Leaders create healthy cultures that produce the organizational magic of increased discretionary effort.

  • Neuroscience

    Learn about four interpersonal motivators (use the proprietary model CARB: Clarity, Autonomy, Respect, and Belonging) which can transform leader behavior and organizational results.

  • Performance Management

    This dynamic topic covers the spectrum of leadership skills necessary to shape the behavior of teams toward achieving organizational goals. Dive deep into the need for clarity, feedback and recognition; as well as the need for accountability, discipline, and courageous conversations.

  • Feedback

    We lead and influence others when we give feedback.  We increase effectiveness and solve workplace problems when we give feedback that makes people care, not cringe.

  • Leadership Mindset

    Leaders must manage their own emotions in order to harness the emotions of others in a positive and productive way. Understand how the leader mindset affects the entire organization and how leaders can protect people from toxic emotions in the workplace.

  • Change Leadership

    The Relationship Model for Change is a simple three-part model that allows people to quickly grasp the key components: the leader as change agent, sponsorship, and stakeholders.

Experts in front of the room deliver a keynote with impact