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Speaking, Keynotes and Guest Lectures

Patty Fahy, MD speaks nationally on a variety of topics including:

Physician Leadership
Doctors must lead. Physicians have the highest level of expertise, the technical background, and the extensive tacit knowledge that is necessary to right the tilted healthcare ship.

Culture Matters
Leaders create the healthy cultures that can produce organizational magic: discretionary effort.

Neuroscience of Leadership
Learn to leverage four interpersonal motivators using our proprietary CARB model: Clarity, Autonomy, Respect, and Belonging. The results will be immediate.

Performance Management
This dynamic topic covers the spectrum of leadership skills necessary to shape the behavior of teams toward achieving organizational goals. Dive deep into the need for clarity, feedback and recognition; as well as the need for accountability, discipline, and courageous conversations.

We lead and influence others when we give feedback. We increase effectiveness and solve workplace problems when we use a variety of feedback skills that all aim at making people care, not cringe.

Leadership Mindset
Leaders must protect their workplace from toxic emotions—leaders must not be the ones who introduce toxicity. Learn to manage emotions in order to harness the emotions of others in a positive and productive way. Recognize the responsibility of the leader to eradicate harm in the workplace.

Change Leadership
The Relationship Model for Change is a simple three-part model that allows people to quickly grasp the key components: the leader as change agent, sponsorship, and stakeholders.

Patty’s recent guest appearances:



Whether regrouping after catastrophic loss or realigning when the landscape has changed – this is a time for purpose-oriented leadership. To get there, the perspective of experienced professionals can surface issues or performance management problems that have been ignored and accommodated.

Our process:

Needs assessment: 1:1 interviews with leaders and others

Themes Report: what’s really going on, what are the barriers and what are the strengths?

Customized recommendations: our assessments will serve your organization far beyond the current engagement


  • Communication strategies
  • Meeting management tools and skills
  • Performance management training and interventions
  • Recruitment and selection strategies
  • Leadership development programs
  • Change management coaching


We have had 20 years of experience working within healthcare organizations, in national programs involving scores of healthcare systems and hospitals, with advocacy organizations in Washington DC, and with large medical groups. We deliver.

  • The neuroscience of leadership
  • Selection (not recruitment) strategies
  • Myers-Briggs (MBTI) workshops
  • Run the meeting no one wants to (or can afford to) miss
  • Performance management and courageous conversations: the good, the bad, the necessary
  • Coaching skills: clarity, feedback, recognition
  • Know your energy level and adjust your attitude


Patty Fahy MD and Lynn Elliott are credentialed coaches who maintain the ethics and standards of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Coaching is confidential and client-focused.

In sponsored coaching, we clarify and reach agreements about what our client chooses to share with their organizational sponsor.

1:1 Coaching for leaders who are:

  • Looking to be effective—AND indispensable to their colleagues and organization
  • In a new role and under pressure to demonstrate value
  • Determined to find an excellent career fit for their talents and skills