Episode 25 – Don’t Throw Away The Physician Career


For today’s episode, I asked Dr. Barbara McAneny about her upcoming talk: Stop Blaming the Doctors!  My main intention in asking Barbara to come back on the podcast (she was a guest on Episode #13) was to have her guide me through the malodorous sewer where Pharmacy Benefits Managers live. 

But since I had her corralled on Zoom I suggested we both give a preview of our Global Summit presentations.  As an oncologist, the founder and CEO of a large, multi-specialty practice, and former AMA president, Dr. McAneny knows her stuff.  Enjoy this short Espresso Shot and don’t miss the upcoming full-length episode where we wade into the mud and muck of the PBM abyss.  

In this episode:

  • Employed is a big enough problem—REPLACED is bad news for everyone
  • Physicians can be haunted by the knowledge that there were better options for their patients
  • That’s offensive!  There is no such thing as “Oncology Lite” or “Neurology Lite”
  • No one is independent. Working interdependently is a hallmark of the medical profession
  • Tax exempt? Yes. Not-for-profit? Ha! No way.

Meet Barbara L. McAneny, MD:

Dr. Barbara McAneny is nationally recognized as an advocate, an innovator, a business leader, and a doctor’s doctor. She is a board-certified medical oncologist and hematologist from Albuquerque, New Mexico where she is the CEO and co-founder of the multi-specialty, multi-site New Mexico Cancer Center. She also founded the New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation, which provides grants to help patients with nonmedical expenses. In 2012 she received a $19.8 million grant to create an oncology medical home, demonstrating that triage pathways would improve outcomes and also lower costs. The Come Home medical home has been recognized and adopted as a recommended model by CMS. Her leadership roles reach well-beyond New Mexico, including nearly two decades with the American Medical Association leading up to her role as the president of the AMA in 2018.

For more about Dr. McAneny and access to resources including the “Come Home” model go to https://www.barbaramcaneny.com/


Barbara’s Website: https://www.barbaramcaneny.com/
Come Home Program: http://www.comehomeprogram.com/
AMA: https://www.ama-assn.org/
Twitter: @BarbaraMcAneny
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/barbara-mcaneny-88636ab

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