Episode 22 – Provocative Questions and Leadership Challenges


In this episode, my longtime colleague and friend Lynn Elliott joins me to take a look at the arc of the Licensed to Lead Podcast’s first season. The first three episodes launched the podcast with data dives to support my foundational beliefs about physician leadership, then we turned to interviews with physician leaders and others who shed light on the “whys” and “hows” of expert leadership, and finally wrapped up the season with my “Mother’s Day” podcasts.

Lynn shares some of the email and voicemail feedback we got from listeners and we both muster up our best responses to challenging questions and comments. One listener doesn’t agree with me about the EHR, and another about MBAs. We hear from appreciative listeners, and even from a patient of one of our guests. Lynn and I let it be known how much we appreciate—how much we LOVE— hearing from our listeners.

One listener asked if we had tips for improving culture even for teams who are not in healthcare. Boy, do we ever. From broad strokes of what effective leaders do, to making meetings meaningful, Lynn and I go on an HR bender. It’s what we do!

We discuss the fact that several of our first season guests have back stories including a crescendo of dissatisfaction with the status quo, and how being pushed to the edge transformed their careers. I cheerfully confess that the tone and content of this podcast in some ways is my effort to trigger my physician listeners toward transformation of their careers. And transformation of our profession.

Finally we wrap it up with a game plan for next season: specific hot topics like the scorched earth of private equity takeovers in healthcare; more interviews with physician leaders and with leadership experts and researchers; and we plan to bring some of our practical and proven leadership development content to listeners. And we just live for those comments and suggestions from listeners, so bring ‘em on!

In this episode:

  • Is the Board of Directors on your radar? For meaningful change it has to be!
  • Beware the administratively-aspiring people who are the first to wave their hands for leadership roles
  • Is it leadership’s “fault” if someone needs disciplinary action?
  • Why women physicians might be more susceptible to opting for an MBA
  • Red Alert: Be ready to be wrong
  • Listeners weigh in with questions and comments
    • Hey, who pays for scribes anyway?
    • Chicken or Egg:  do you work on getting more physicians into leadership positions—or try to change the culture first?
    • The good old days—weren’t!


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