Episode 20 – Culture, Levels of Energy, and “Leading A Deathbed Life”

Cory Katuna is a professional coach, writer, graphic artist and social influencer.  She joins Patty in this episode to talk about the ways her work and Patty’s work intersect, ultimately creating excellent organizational culture that truly brings out the best in each person.

She takes the conversation through the seven levels of energy, a model developed by Bruce D. Schneider, founder of iPEC Coaching.  Patty and Cory go back and forth with examples to illustrate this leadership mindset model.  The Leadership Energy framework describes seven levels of energetic awareness, starting at level one – virtually no awareness, a state of victimization and low energy.  You’ll recognize the characteristics of each level, especially the lower levels one, two and three.

They spend a lot of time describing level three mindset, characterized by tolerance and compromise.  A juicy bit comes up specifically talking about medical school.  They discuss how the traditional medical education trains physicians to tolerate systems, schedules, even interpersonal relationships that are harmful.  Patty tells how surgeons have described performing surgery as being in a flow state, an example of level six energy.

The descriptions of each level are practical ways to look at our own mindset, moment by moment.  The information easily accessible, and likely unfamiliar to most of our audience.  


In this episode:

  • Everyone experiences different levels of energy throughout the day
  • It’s possible to shift your own energy with awareness
  • Organizations generally function in level two energy, competition and win-lose thinking
  • Level four is an attitude of service, but has a tricky downside
  • If anyone will be able to grok (!) this, it’s physicians

Meet Cory Katuna:

Cory Katuna is hell-bent to crack the code of living a “deathbed” life. This means radical honesty, hard conversations, sacrificing what looks good for what’s true, and getting out of the stands and into the arena. 

She is a professional coach, leader of workshops, world traveler, and most importantly—a teammate.

Cory works with Bentinho Massaro and team to host retreats, record podcasts (Mirror Talks), manage online programs (No Limits Society), and everything else that might need doing in what she describes as a spiritual startup. The organization challenges people to trade in their unfulfilling lifestyles and mindsets for a life lived in devotion to generosity and self-knowledge. 

Cory graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with degrees in Spanish and Business and a minor in Graphic Design. Follow her on Instagram @corykatuna.


Cory Katuna playlists are on Spotify

Energy Leadership Book

iPEC Coaching https://www.ipeccoaching.com/


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